PlayStation Plus in March Brings Tomb Raider for PS3 and Dead Nation for PS4 for Free

Every month Sony gives away a bunch of pretty good games in hopes of keeping PlayStation users happy with their $50 a year commitment to PlayStation Plus. Now I know that calling them “free” is a bit of a misnomer as you are still paying for PlayStation Plus, but at this point the free games that you get seem to outweigh the costs of PS+ for a year, especially on PlayStation 4 where they are releasing a new game for the console every month for free. The month of March will be no different.

If you own a PlayStation 4 and feel like you need some zombie action then look no further than Housemarque’s Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. Sure, Dead Nation has been out for a while, but this is a special re-release for PlayStation 4 that includes the Road of Devastation DLC as well as some cool Twitch streaming options. If you’ve yet to get a PS4 or still hold your PS3 in high regards this is going to be a great month for the PlayStation 3 as the reboot of Tomb Raider will be free on PlayStation Plus in March, as well Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut.

If you have a PlayStation Vita then don’t worry, you aren’t forgotten about, as Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite and Unit 13 will be free in March.

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