Oooo some EA UFC gameplay footage – Aldo vs. Pettis

We’re almost to the promised land, people. Less than a month from now, our grubby little mitts are going to be playing EA UFC, and all will be good. An ocean of drool exited my maw when I first saw Pettis and Aldo bouncing around pre-fight in this (actual) in-game footage. And while most of the Niagra-esque explosion of pure graphical awe reversed into my head as I saw the two of them fight at hyperspeed, I got over it quickly and started getting really excited by the nuances show in EA UFC’s gameplay.

The head movement, the physicality of every strike, the hammerfists that for some reason I really enjoyed… It looks great. But without playing it, I can’t comment on much. It looks a lot like the THQ UFCs combined with EA MMA. But I’m fine with that. Check out what we’ve been waiting for below:

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