Getting beat up in EA UFC? Learn the basics with this handy video

I see a pattern in people that dislike EA UFC and people not giving EA UFC a chance beyond 20 minutes with a controller in their hand. Yes, the game has flaws, some major, some minor, but it also does a lot of things right. This latest patch has slowed down the game and brought further nuance to the striking. There’s no doubt that the game is better, as the amount of people playing online has gone up dramatically in the last few weeks. I’ve seen it. I’m always on. 

But still, there are people that have ejected their EA UFC disc to never pop it back into the system of their choice. This is a shame and a waste of resources. Recycle your games by playing them more, and with this handy video guide by BrandNewMac, one of the best players in the entire EA UFC community, you’ll be beating ass in no time. 

Just don’t spam. No one likes spammer. 

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