DayZ is coming to PS4! Yes!

Finally, finally, finally! After years of talking about the wonders of DayZ on PC (so much so that Overeem eventually followed me on Twitter because of this video),  the announcement has been made at Gamescom today… DayZ is coming to PS4. This is yet another in a long list of reasons to get a PS4, with Planetside 2 coming and some of the best F2P games the world has to offer… I’m dizzy. I’m thrilled. I want everyone I know to buy this. I love this game so much I can see myself buying it for Gary LaPlante on PS4. 

I’m just worried about the very PC-centric interface, but it doesn’t look like DayZ will be out on PS4 any time soon. Maybe in a year or so. But just knowing this information is great. I’m going to buy this game twice.

Let’s all hold hands and eat beans together. 

In honor of this great announcement, let’s watch a fun DayZ video. Life is good. God I love this game.

Let’s watch another! Cage fight!

This is what you PS4 owners have to look forward to- hostage situations and hunger. Ahhhh 🙂


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