Batman: Arkham Knight looks cool and all, but we hope it doesn’t become COD-ified with yearly releases

I’m totally happy about Batman: Arkham Knight for multiple reasons: Kevin Conroy voicing Batman again, Rocksteady making the game again, it’s the first next-gen Batman… Rocksteady says this will be the ‘last chapter’ of this Arkham series, but all signs point to Batman getting the Call of Duty treatment (and the Assassin’s Creed treatment) and putting two studios at work to crank out the yearly releases. We’re on pace for that right now, and we saw how mediocre Arkham Origins was, so I just hope this cynical thought doesn’t come to fruition, even though it probably will.

That doesn’t change the fact that these Batman games have some of the best CG trailers out there. Here’s the new one for the new game. Hush is involved. The man we lovingly refer to as ‘Jonesy’ is pleased. Nick Robertson is all ‘meh’ on it.

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