Joe Rogan Believes Chris Cuomo In 100-Pound Dumbbell Controversy

CNN Anchor Cuomo Recently Came Under Fire With Many Suspecting Him Of Using A Fake 100-Pound Dumbbell

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UFC commentator Joe Rogan is backing Chris Cuomo and believes he is more than capable of lifting a 100-pound dumbbell over his head with ease.

Earlier last month, controversy followed the CNN anchor after footage emerged of him lifting a 100-pound dumbbell over his head.

Many suspected the dumbbell was fake and that lifting a 100-pound dumbbell in the manner that he did was impossible. Marc Lobliner was among them.

“CHALLENGE TO @ChrisCuomo . Prove you’re not a liar. Prove that you can actually lift the weight you’re shown with. I will fly anywhere you’d like to witness it and we can either have a charity event or I’ll donate $1k to a charity of your choice. PLEASE RETWEET!”

Rogan: Italians Are ‘Monkey Strong’

However, speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan explained why he believed Cuomo was more than capable of accomplishing the feat.

“Chris Cuomo is, I’m Italian I can say this, he’s a guinea,” Rogan said on his podcast (via FitnessVolt). “A lot of those guineas are stupid strong, they’re monkey strong. A lot of them. There was a guy that used to run a sandwich shop by our house, who could curl his own body weight ten times. Nobody believed him, and this guy barely lifted weights, and he did it before a wrestling meet…and he wound up losing the wrestling meet. It was like a legend in the town, because his arms were blown out because he made like a hundred bucks on a bet, showing people that he can curl his body weight ten times.

“… That’s real. That’s a real weight. Whether or not that weighs 100 pounds, it might weight 100 pounds. I don’t believe that (Cuomo) has a fake hundred-pound weight. He’s a big person. I think that guy’s pretty large…Here’s the thing, I see these people complaining and saying that it’s not real and all this s–t. Listen, you can do that. That can be done. People who think that you can’t do that are crazy.

“He’s bigger than me, and there’s a video of me on Instagram with a 92 pound kettlebell and I’m cleaning it and pressing it ten times over my head. That guy’s a lot bigger than me. He can hold 100 pounds over his head and do it like that. If I had 100 pound dumbbell in my arm right now, I could press it. He’s bigger than me, he can do it. Some people are f—ing strong.”

Of course, that didn’t stop Lobliner who proceeded to make a video response to Rogan’s claim to state that he was wrong.

You can watch that below:

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