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If you ever forget your mug on your bumper and you’re driving away, this friendly motorcyclist has got your back

This man is the most altruistic motorcycle driver known to humankind. Not many people would risk death or at least a nasty road rash purely to give someone their porcelain mug from the back of their bumper as they speed down a not very busy street. But this man will risk life and limb for this random driver, just to get the mug back into their possession safely.

He doesn’t know if it’s her favorite mug, he just knows that he will do everything in his power to get that mug back to her. By god he will do everything in his power to help her, up to and including taking it off the bumper of her speeding automobile and then handing it to her through the driver-side window. It could be that as he rode down that street to wherever he was going, maybe nowhere, that he realized that he was put on this earth at that exact moment, with his above-average motorcycle-riding skills, to help that woman get her mug back.

Superheroes don’t wear capes, the ride crotch rockets and own Go Pros.

Maybe he’s spiritual, maybe he isn’t. Maybe this moment made him realize in something called coincidence, or karma, or maybe this was the hand of god herself guiding this motorcycle to this mug. The mug could’ve meant nothing to this woman, or it meant everything to her. Perhaps it was the last mug that made the trip over from Europe in the 1920’s, handcrafted by her Lithuanian great-grandmother while her grandfather was curled up in her pregnant belly. Or maybe he did it all for a cup that came in a six pack Wal-Mart bundle that cost $3 on clearance.

We’ll never know.

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