My hometown is being terrorized by a really talented Simpsons graffiti artist

I call the sleepy suburb of Naperville, Illinois my home town. It’s one of those towns where nothing really happens outside of a stray soccer mom going crazy and killing her kids every 10-15 years or so (seriously). But in the few months since I’ve left good ‘ol Naperville for Los Angeles, things have turned

SyFy Network’s Defiance is My SciFi Guilty Pleasure

I grew up with science fiction, it somehow became really important to me as a kid and helped me to really think outside of the box and wonder what the universe was like. That means reading a lot of Star Wars alternate universe, Isaac Asimov and others as a kid, while still watching tons of

Blast to the Past: Magneto Rips Out Wolverine’s Adamantium

In 1993 everything that would eventually be referred to “90’s comics” was in full swing. Ridiculous plots, clones, dudes with way too many muscles, clones, a LOT of chains, clones. Now, when most people refer to “90’s comics” they usually don’t do it fondly, but I was a kid and I was eating that stuff