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(Video) Judo Champion 143lb Ryo Kawabata Takes on 397lb ‘Big Joe’ in BJJ Match

Ryo Kawabata wanted to test his grappling skills and decided to take on Big Joe in a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu open weight matchup.

(Video) Judo Champion 143lb Ryo Kawabata Takes on 397lb ‘Big Joe’ in BJJ Match

Boxing and MMA fans know that matchmaking is crucial to making fights as fair as possible. However, as normal as this practice is in regard to these combat sports, it’s not the case across the board. Of course, the world of Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu has weight classes in regulated competition. But, it’s not uncommon to see smaller competitors take on much larger ones. Openweight or the absolute division of BJJ competition is alive and well. In this particular matchup, a 65 kg Japanese judo champion named Ryo Kawabata took on a180kg BJJ White Belt.

Kawabata Takes on Big Joe 

For those more familiar with pounds, the 143lber took on a nearly 400lb man. Ryo Kawabata, who is a national champion wanted a harder test in his skill. So, in order to prove his judo to himself, he decided to take on ‘Big Joe.’ Joe is a 397lb American martial artist who decided to move to Asia in order to hone his craft.

Does size actually matter? Overall, it certainly matters. But, when the skill gap between the competitors is as large as the weight difference, the amateur is in for a long night.

Watching the video, Kawabata displayed extreme patience. Meticulously choosing when to react, he was focused on positioning and control. Eventually, he was able to slap on an armbar. But, they continued with the match even after the finish. 

Does Size Matter

Being a smaller competitor is an extreme disadvantage. Which is why weight classes exist in the first place. But every so often, it fun to take the restrictions away and watch technical masters of the sport display their skillset. BJJ proves more so than any other individual sport, that the more skilled competitor is going to secure the win.  Regardless of the size of the competitors, the better technique is always going to rise to the top. Even with a 250lb difference.

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