‘Is Jake Paul Supposed To Be a Kamikaze Pilot?’: Teddy Atlas Defends Paul For Picking the Right Opponents

Atlas believes 'The Problem Child' is following a smart strategy of slowly working his way up in the level of opposition he fights

Jake Paul, Teddy Atlas
Credit: Jake Paul, Teddy Atlas (via Instagram & YouTube)

Teddy Atlas has defended Jake Paul for his latest showing and backed him to continue doing great things in boxing.

This past Saturday, internet sensation turned boxer Paul took on mixed martial arts icon Anderson Silva in a boxing fight at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. Paul pulled off the victory after a close-fought battle that saw him score the sole knockdown of the night. Following the biggest win of his career, he received criticism from fans who alleged the bout was fixed.

Teddy Atlas says Jake Paul is improving after his win over Anderson Silva

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Teddy Atlas defended Jake Paul’s performance and made his case as a legitimate boxer who’s showing growth.

“He doesn’t have a great background, pedigree or length of time in this business but he’s dedicated himself in an earnest way where he’s gone and respected the sport. He learned the sport. You’re not going to like this you haters out there, he’s getting better. He’s getting more comfortable in an uncomfortable environment. That’s not easy to do. He’s getting more comfortable inside that ring. He being Paul, he’s improving. I give him credit. He went out there worked his backside off and he’s learning the sport the best that he could learn it.”

Atlas believes Paul is getting hate for being smart

Atlas argued that there are many other elite boxers who follow a similar strategy as Paul of picking their opponents. Although he does not believe ‘The Problem Child’ could handle Canelo Alvarez, he gave him credit where it was warranted.

“Should we hate him because he was smart enough to see an opportunity to make money, to do something successful? That’s the American way; it used to be. He saw an opportunity to make money doing this and then he worked to make that come true. He had a plan and executed that plan. There’s a risk. He had a risk of emotionally getting embarrassed and physically getting hurt. Has he picked his opponents well? Do you want me to go down a laundry list of fighters in my business that have done the same thing starting with Mayweather? I’m just saying they’re supposed to be hated on for being smart?

“For picking the right opponents when they can? What’s he supposed to be, a kamikaze pilot? Will that make you happy? Alright, give me godzilla and then give me king kong. I’m giving him credit within the context of where that credit belongs, putting things in proper perspective.”

Jake Paul has not indicated his plans ahead but mentioned he would continue working his way up as an undefeated professional boxer.

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