Floyd Mayweather Talks To Commentators, Helps Ring Girl & Dominates Don Moore In Exhibition Classic (Highlights)

'Money' remained in top form as he cruised past Don Moore in a clinical performance

Floyd Mayweather
Credit: Global Titans

After the event had to be rescheduled following the passing of the president of the UAE, Floyd Mayweather took on former sparring partner Don Moore in an exhibition match. ‘Money’ had only competed twice after beating Conor McGregor and chose to return for a third time amidst rumors of bankruptcy.

Mayweather went into the bout undefeated against Moore, who believed he had the ability to outclass ‘Money’.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore

Round 1: Moore opens up with a missed jab. Moore trying to stick to the body with his shots. Mayweather giving Moore a smile after a punch connected to the body. Mayweather keeps distance, Moore is the more active fighter. Mayweather dodges a straight jab and throws a counter quickly but misses.

Round 2: Moore tries to touch Mayweather’s jaw. ‘Money’ moving forward with great reflexes to avoid multiple punches by Moore. Floyd keeps the pressure on Moore from the centre. Floyd being the aggressor from the inside.

Round 3: Floyd Mayweather gets close to Moore from the opening second. Mayweather drops his hands down, and gives a look to the commentator after hearing him say, “He can do whatever he wants”
Money keeps dodging Moore and is composed in his movement forward. Mayweather lands a light right. Floyd is playing to the crowd here remaining in full control

Round 4: The round opens up with a flurry of punches from Mayweather. Moore steps in with a combination and misses. Moore is imitating Floyd and has copied his stance. Mayweather is walking him down. Mayweather hits a couple of left. 

Round 5: Moore opens the round aggressively with many strikes to the body and guard. Floyd connects with a little short left hook. Mayweather dominating Moore with multiple shots and combinations. Mayweather is connecting at will here with dozens of strikes. Floyd is having fun landing a bunch of strikes in a row as he moved Moore around the ring.

Round 6: Floyd opens the round with a huge uppercut. Moore is on his back foot. He looks exhausted. Moore misses and bears the brunt of a shot by Money. Floyd is talking to Moore in the ring. Mayweather replied to the comment Mayweather is lighting Moore up here as he clips him numerous times.

Round 7: Mayweather keeps talking to the commentators and others as he fights Moore. Moore tries heavily to get Floyd’s respect but Money continues having his fun. Mayweather hits a big inside left uppercut that hurt Moore. Moore is in trouble here. Floyd measures Moore in the corner. Moore is on the ropes getting smacked by Floyd here. Floyd teases him with his tongue. Floyd connects with a big left hook that clips Moore once more.

Round 8: Mayweather is piecing Moore up here with his jabs in the opening seconds of the final round. Mayweather drops his hands and pushes Moore back into the corner. Moore just went on his knees. Mayweather hits Moore with a big left hook to the body. Moore is down for eight counts. Floyd keeps on the pressure as he hits Moore with a flurry of punches. Moore barely survives the round.

Floyd Mayweather would’ve likely got the win by unanimous decision.

In the post-fight interview, Floyd Mayweather confirmed that he will fight one more time this year in the UAE.

Check out the highlights below:




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