Andy Ruiz Blames Anthony Joshua Loss on Partying TOO Hard

via @Andy_destroyer1 on Twitter
via @Andy_destroyer1 on Twitter

Andy Ruiz Jr Attributes Title Loss to Partying

Achieving the major heavyweight boxing titles is one of the hardest feats to achieve in sports. However, keeping them is even more difficult. It takes discipline, commitment to excellence, will, skill, and a mindset that always feels driven to be the best. For Andy Ruiz Jr, after losing his short-lived term with the titles to Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia, he said he didn’t want to make any excuses. Now, Ruiz claims that things may have gone different if he didn’t party so hard before the rematch.

Ruiz vs Joshua 2

During the rematch, at some points in the fight, it looked like Ruiz didn’t even belong in the ring with Joshua. Eating jab after jab at long range, Ruiz ultimately never found his rhythm or timing. Usually, Ruiz specializes in baiting opponents to change their speed and game plan until he can eventually capitalize on their mistakes. However, AJ remained calm and fought behind his jab. The performance was reminiscent of Joshua’s 2012 Olympic run where he won a gold medal in the men’s super heavyweight division.

And, speaking of super heavyweight, an overweight Ruiz showed up to battle a fit AJ. Ruiz weighed in at a reported 283lbs for the fight. According to reports, it’s the heaviest Andy has weighed for a fight in over a decade. Furthermore, when Andy captured the titles initially from AJ, he was 268lbs. To put that into perspective, it made him the third heaviest champion in boxing history.

Ruiz Speaks on Party Life After Winning Titles

Ruiz spoke with the media following the loss. Although he said he had no excuses for the loss, he blamed a lack of discipline and training. He spoke with the media during the post-fight press conference to explain the loss.

“I think we started too late,” Ruiz said. “I don’t want to say that the three months of partying and celebrating that I had and whatnot kind of affected me because it kind of did. What can I say? I learn this mistake, and I’m glad I’ve learned it while I’m still young,” finished Ruiz. (via The Express)

Ruiz Wouldn’t Party in a Trilogy Bout

For such a monumental event, fans would think that a fighter would show up in top shape. Especially after winning the titles in such a shocking fashion. However, Ruiz was focused on the party life, and not the fight ahead of him.

Ruiz claimed he would love a third fight, and to have it in Saudi Arabia. If Joshua grants Ruiz a trilogy fight, perhaps he’ll leave the party life behind him.

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