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A Lesson in Bathroom MMA: Rope-a-dope like Ali, score an amazing comeback KO by the urinals

On Muhammad Ali’s birthday, it’s fitting your next lesson in Street MMA takes you out of the public eye and into a private bathroom stall. Happy Birthday to the greatest of all-time, January 17, 1942, and happy victory to this Bathroom MMA combatant who employed The GOAT’s famous rope-a-dope strategy. This fight is exactly like the Rumble in the Jungle, except instead of the ambiance of Kinshasa, Zaire we have unoccupied urinals as the backdrop.

When you find yourself cornered in a Bathroom MMA brawl, with no stalls available for shelter, just cover up like Ali did versus George Foreman and let the power puncher wear himself out; and maybe even tear his tank top in the process. We salute you the Street MMA combatant with not only the flair for the dramatic but the overt hat tip to the fighting style of Muhammad Ali in route to a comeback knockout win.

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You shook up the world!!! The world of Bathroom MMA……