The top 10 UFC fighters who would make you swoon on a first date

10 UFC Fighters First Date

If you had to choose five female fighters and five male fighters to take you out on a first date these choices would say a lot about you and what you might want in a significant other.

There happens to be some stand outs in the UFC outside of the octagon, that we see as relationship material. Not only do you have to have the mental mind game as fighters to bash each other’s face in, but they also have the emotional stamina to uphold a basic conversation.

Here are MiddleEasy’s top 10 UFC fighters who would swoon you on a first date.

5. Rachael Ostovich

Dating a woman who knows what she wants isn’t sometimes intimidating for men however, most are looking for that queen who can handle her own. Given Ostovich going through a range of personal issues in the end it allowed her to stay strong as a fighter, a mother, a daughter and a human.

You better be the one with the plan and leave the baggage at home.

“What’s worse than a drama queen?! …. a drama king! Lol.” -Rachael Ostovich

Knowing what restaurant to take her to, the address, the closing time, allergy option and all of the above. Making a reservation would be the best thing. Ostovich is a woman that wears her heals a bit higher from the grown just to stomp down on them a bit harder. Neither those shoes or legs should stand in line longer than five minutes, know this.

She might be slightly impressed if you order for her, but it might be annoying also. Sit back, be yourself, sure you can pick up the check but you better believe she can pay her own way without you.

4. Cynthia Calvillo

This purple haired goddess from Sacramento will keep you on your toes. She isn’t the party all the time let’s stay up for late hours with no sleep kind of chica. Calvillo is the kind of girl who loves to chill.

The materialistic nature doesn’t really fit in because she really just goes with the flow as its happening. Spending time with friends and family is very important. Including hiking with the animals and staying healthy by taking chances along the way.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” -Cynthia Cavillo

Treating Cavillo to a nice lunch near the water over-looking the trees while smoking trees seems like the best bet. No need to hesitate with reservations because she doesn’t mind the wait time. The strawweight brings on fantastic and endless conversations about a range of topics you wouldn’t even expect. Make sure you make her laugh cause the minute you don’t she might judge you…..on the inside.

3. Valentina “Bullet” Shevchenko

“The Bullet” isn’t your average female. She knows how to take care of herself and stands up for the people close to her. The current UFC women’s flyweight Champion is confident in her own way.

During the day she is shooting guns and running around obstacle courses while at night she is wearing a tight dress with heals dancing in circles so fast it will make your head spin.

Shevchenko deserves a date at a nice and sexy Latin club. There is something that tells us the night has to start with a drink at a bar under some dim lights. Talking about conversations of traveling the world and the un-check bucketlist goals that are soon to be coming to life.

Shevchenko knows she has to take this relationship slow.

“And I know if you rush too much, it can end very bad. I just, my work, it’s to see timing and react according to the movement of my opponent.” -Valentina Shevchenko

From there a candlelit dinner at a modern Italian restaurant where the decor reminds you of memories from the past. Moving on to the dance floor where you take over the stage hand in hand all night until the sweat begins to drizzle.

2. “Thug” Rose Namajunas

Going out to somewhere in public outside the comfort of your own home isn’t always the best option for a date. Given Namajunas is a very busy person as she does nonstop training in Colorado, being fit and healthy is very important. You gotta make sure the Championship standards are being met. Having a strong personality is something “Thug Rose” is a bit familiar with as she can easily be herself.

“No matter what comes your way, just don’t let it phase you, you can overcome anything.” -Rose Namajunas

Whether it would be growing a new line of tomatoes in the backyard or playing the piano so loud it will automatically drag her neighbors to ring on the front door and offer freshly baked cookies. Knowing everyone on the same street as hers never gets old because it always keeps you on your toes when the doorbell rings mid-dinner. Don’t be alarmed though, you’ll get used to it.

Namajunas would be the kind of date you should plan ahead of time. Hopefully you know how to cook, but good thing if you don’t because this will all be a team effort. Having a recipe in mind might be the obvious next step. Nothing with meat though, even if she says she isn’t vegan. This will just save you in the long run.

Something with a lot of veggies and good spice. This is because having the topic of what origin is the ancient fruit from there will be no drag within the conversation. Also there is no need for candles either mostly because her entire house would be lit with solar panels anyways so you’re good.

1. Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson

Welcome to the VIP Zone. Michelle Waterson tends to have the entire package of a woman. She is a fantastic fighter, been around long enough to know what she wants and is an amazing Mother to her child. There is never a moment where her brain isn’t geared towards doing the best for her family so she knows what’s up if you aren’t her kind of flavor.

Waterson is always down for a good laugh, but don’t get too fooled. She does happen to be so nice that “The Karate Hottie” will laugh at your jokes anyways even when they aren’t funny. So try night to be over the top because she can read between the lines.

Not having Waterson out too late is a must so she can get back to Mother duties. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat her any different during the day than you would at night. Waterson has been all over the world, so impressing her might seem hard however, effort goes a long way.

Money doesn’t really matter in this situation because it’s more about the experiences. Taking her on a fun date to a theme park to get the laughs out seem like a genuine treat followed by a nice early dinner with a fantastic menu and amazing views. Keeping her in the family mindset of children will allow her to open up a bit more about herself.

“You just can’t quit even when you feel like you can’t go on.” -Michelle Waterson

Don’t worry, yes. She will even ask you questions about yours. So make sure you have everything set up for yourself on the right path, because to be with someone like Waterson that is more of a long term thing rather than short term, you better be ready. Plus she likes photoshoots. Get good with her and you’ll be dressing up and taking random selfies wearing onesies in no time. Just make sure she uses the “Master Yai Yai” voice though at some point during the date.

Top 5 Men:

5. Alan “Brahma” Jouban

Have you ever wanted to date the MMA version of Wade Walker from the movie Cry Baby? Because Alan Jouban is your man. You won’t be the only one shedding a tear in the bathroom because of how beautiful he looks because he’ll be streaming one down his face also. The difference is you would be trying to hide your face, but Jouban would do it at the dinner table for extra attention. He can’t handle it though because that’s just who he is.

“I look like RoboCop when I spar.” -Alan Jouban

It is rather rare when you have someone that is attractive and also has a great personality. Or even vice versa the days. Given Jouban is rather confident in his ways and he still has a soft spot to lift a female off her feet.

Laughter is food for the soul and you will indeed get stings in your cheeks from giggling too much.

Heading to a comedy show after a few drinks at a local bar is just what Jourban feels is the best setting. Getting some extra laughs in at the end of the night followed by an intimate dinner where you don’t feel shame of ordering 6 meat patties and extra bacon.

The night would run really late, but you don’t have to worry about that as he is a kiss you on the cheek kind of guy. He will have you home safely and will actually text back.

4. Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres

When women typically say they want someone with a soft heart attached with a baller ~zen~ anime character who will run down the street chasing someone that took someone’s purse?

Or are you getting The Warriors “Come Out and Play” vibe going on? Don’t let the cute smile fool you because it is always attached. There should be no concern of “Bruce Leeroy” opening the door for you and pushing your seat out at a dinner table. Caceres is a born gentlemen and is always down to have a good time.

Going on nature walks is chill but traveling to relaxation islands covered in sand enjoying views is really what life is all about. When you are on a date with him you don’t have to worry about the lack of communication because he is going to want to be involved. The craft of martial arts is still a dedication to his life however, he is willing to put forward and make a woman feel pretty good.

“I just try to be as versatile as life is and try and express that in the fight. I think we’re infinite beings.” -Alex Caceres

He will need you by his side during the nights he fights as support, but if you’re looking for long term, it wouldn’t be hard to want to tag along within the journey.

A mix of adventures, food, good conversations and a lot of positive attitude? You have completely found your match.

3. Derrick “The Beast” Lewis

If someone has a good heart it would show and it would run down the timeline. As for “The Black Beast” food is food and there is no other way around that. Lewis is the kind of guy that will always be there to pick up the phone if you needed someone to talk to. The humor would be endless as even if something magically went wrong he would know how to defuse the situation with a quickness.

Taking a drive to a bowling alley cracking jokes next to a Popeye’s Chicken is actually more magical than some may perceive. Sharing a two pieces of dark meat chicken, one leg and one thigh with some crisp for $1.14 is a daydream. Lewis will pack you up in the car and drive towards the movie theater for a late movie. Chilling more and laughing with a drink during night cap is the best way to end the night.

“I’ve just got to number two, that’s all. It’s not really hurting from the kick, I’ve just got to boom boom.” -Derrick Lewis

It will be tough, without the constant thought of his actually balls being hot while driving is something you might not be able to get out of your head.

2. Brian “T-City” Ortega

You can call him James Bond but at the end of the day the biggest heart goes to the joyous surfer who puts forth in charities to help communities. Never giving up yet striving to be the best is a dream a handful of people have, but a short percentage actually pursue. As for Brian Ortega he goes deep with his women as far as getting to know them from the start.

Expect to be walked around the neighborhood at length; hearing stories of rough times and the corners he used to get into fights. Might seem a bit intense but gaining some kind of connection to understand his lifestyle is really what he wants.

“I’m not the perfect person, but I have the perfect heart I feel when it comes to helping people.” -Brian Ortega

Hitting is charity events for The Brian Ortega Foundation with you as his sugar candy in support for what he does. “T-City” wouldn’t be shy of taking you down the streets of LA getting some bomb Mexican food at his favorite spots enjoying a drink and good laughs.

Beware, you would get the Jesus hair vibes with poppin’ blue eyes; you will without a doubt get mesmerized.

1. Henry Cejudo

First off, this has been a long time coming. Every girl wants to find her Prince Charming, that is nothing new. Having someone in your life who has a good heart and a controller personality is a combo you can’t even find yourself on Tinder. Henry Cejudo can only be found like putting yourself out there in the real world, which is what the current UFC flyweight Champion has been doing this whole time.

Being an Olympian to now a MMA Champion, competitiveness is something in Cejudo’s nature. Good thing is he will never give up on you. Even when things don’t go his way and might be a little sad, the eagerness to win while putting his heart on his sleeve is something we have seen before. While everyone is so shy living like dating app introverts in a non-virtual world, but Cejudo gives us hope.

He can dance, he can fight, he can give you advice, stop you from crying and probably even help you with your homework. There is no way you can be that smart in life and not be as smart in math. It doesn’t make any sense to us.

“The sacrifice always has to be greater than the dream.” -Henry Cejudo

Now we aren’t saying Cejudo will pull all the ladies, but you know what, he will not give up; everything in his power will be used to succeed.

Cejudo will go all out for his woman. He will check to make sure beforehand that you don’t have an seafoodl allergies so he can make sure to order you the catch of the day. Like, who does that? Cejudo does. And you won’t know that unless you gave him a chance. Also don’t forget he is a flower guy. If you are one of those cheesy women who loves pre-mature gifts before shaking a mans hand before meeting him, remember you will be taking about two dozen of those roses home. No thorns attached either. How amazing is that?

Afterwards he wouldn’t want the night to end as a long walk down the beach you both viewed over dinner. Make sure you have your life together because the whole serious talk with happen after the first night of meeting.

If you are looking for a relationship where you want to rush right in with absolutely no thought, Cejudo is the sweet man for you.

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