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Video of MMA fighter TJ Laramie catching his girlfriend cheating goes viral

Video of MMA fighter TJ Laramie catching his girlfriend cheating goes viral

Feel for you bro. Nobody likes to be cheated on in a relationship but we think MMA fighter TJ Laramie handled it in the best way possible.

Laramie is a 20-year-old Canadian featherweight who just had his cellphone video blow up. Laramie came home, caught his girlfriend cheating and recorded it on video. Then our dude uploaded to the big, wide Internet and it went viral.

Couple of reason why this simple 45 second video went crazy with views. Everyone in the comments seems shocked that a MMA fighter didn’t lose his mind. Respect to the martial arts discipline. Two, the video is as real as it gets. It feels like TJ Laramie hit record seconds after he walked into his bedroom and found his girlfriend sleeping with another dude.

Damn man.

Most of Laramie’s anger his directed at his now ex-girlfriend while the other man gets dressed quick in the background. Like real quick. Think maybe his car is already running and he only needs one shoe kind of quick.

Shout out to TJ Laramie for having the guts to post this video of him getting his heart ripped from his chest. Love is tough. Love sucks and sometimes so do other people. With a 8-3 record, Laramie is a legit prospect and just had his last fight on Aug. 2. 2018; which he lost. All in all a rough month of August for TJ.

Cheers to Laramie getting some good karma for posting this fascinating/hilarious/weird video of his love life.

And Laramie explains why he didn’t just beat the hell out of the dude sleeping in his bed with his ex-girlfriend.

Makes sense.

Update #1: Ummmmm, not looking good for TJ here

Update #2: Annnnnnnnnd it is all over for TJ

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