Top 10 Greatest Taekwondo Players of All Time

Unleash Your Inner Martial Artist with These Legendary Taekwondo Players

Top Taekwondo Players
Top Taekwondo Players

Taekwondo is a globally renowned martial art and Olympic sport. It has captivated audiences with its blend of explosive power and precise techniques. Over time, this Korean combat discipline has produced numerous Taekwondo players who have redefined the limits of human agility.

This blog post celebrates the greatest Taekwondo players of all time. They not only pushed their boundaries but also left an indelible mark on this incredible sport’s history.

From Olympic legends to world championship trailblazers, these exceptional martial artists showcase true skill and dedication in every movement.

Top 10 Greatest Taekwondo Players Of All Time

Steven Lopez from the United States, Hadi Saei from Iran, and Hwang Kyung-Seon from South Korea are among the top 10 greatest Taekwondo players. Their exceptional skill, mental toughness, Olympic and world championship success, dominance in their weight class, and consistency make them popular.

Steven Lopez (USA)

Steven Lopez, hailing from the United States, has firmly cemented his place among the greatest Taekwondo players ever. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, he boasts multiple Olympic and World Championship medals. This made him earn a top spot in the world rankings.

Steven demonstrated remarkable technique and innovation in combat sports and traditional Taekwondo styles. One such example is his legendary performance at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He secured gold in his first appearance at the Games.

His relentless pursuit of excellence has consistently placed him among respected contenders within the global Taekwondo community.

Hadi Saei (Iran)

Hadi Saei, an exceptional Taekwondo athlete from Iran, is prominent among the greatest Taekwondo players. He has numerous achievements, including two Olympic gold medals in 2004 (Athens) and 2008 (Beijing). Hadi Saei also grabbed one bronze medal in 2000 (Sydney), earning significant recognition in Iran and internationally.

Saei holds the title of the most successful Iranian Taekwondo player in history. His dedication and mental toughness make him stand out among elite martial arts practitioners.

His success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide. It fuels their dream of achieving greatness in combat sports like martial arts and MMA.

Hwang Kyung-Seon (South Korea)

Hwang Kyung-Seon, a phenomenal athlete from South Korea, is recognized among the greatest Taekwondo players ever. With her exceptional skill and dedication to martial arts, she has become a celebrated master for aspiring fighters worldwide.

Throughout her illustrious career, Hwang has showcased dominance in her weight class. She has achieved remarkable success by winning numerous championships.

Born on June 21st, 1986, in Goyang City near Seoul, Hwang’s journey into Taekwondo started early. It was under the tutelage of dedicated trainers who honed her abilities to become South Korea’s finest competitor.

Her outstanding accomplishments include three gold medals at the World Championships (2007, 2011), two Olympic golds (2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics), and a bronze medal from the 2004 Athens Olympics. It propelled her unquestionably into martial arts stardom.

Servet Tazegul (Turkey)

Servet Tazegul is a top-rated Taekwondo player from Turkey who has made his mark in the sport. He first gained recognition at the 2010 European Championships, winning gold. Servet continued to make headlines with his success at the Grand Prix series, winning multiple titles.

In 2012, he achieved his greatest accomplishment by securing Turkey’s first-ever Olympic gold medal in Taekwondo in the – 68kg weight class.

Known for his agility and swift kicks, Tazegul has demonstrated exceptional skill on the mat throughout his career. He is one of the most accomplished Taekwondo fighters ever.

Joel Gonzalez (Spain)

Joel Gonzalez is a highly accomplished Taekwondo athlete from Spain who has significantly contributed to the sport. He has won numerous medals in international competitions. It includes gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games and silver at the 2009 and 2011 World Championships.

Besides his success on the mat, Joel has been an ambassador for Taekwondo globally. He believes in promoting the values of discipline, respect, and sportsmanship.

Joel has played an instrumental role in popularizing Taekwondo in Spain. He has inspired young athletes to pursue their dreams of becoming world-class competitors.

Chu Mu-yen (Taiwan)

Chu Mu-yen is a world-renowned Taekwondo player from Taiwan who consistently ranks among the best in his weight class. He gained international recognition after winning gold at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Chu has been recognized as one of the most accomplished Taekwondo fighters for his agility, speed, and skillful techniques. His ability to deliver powerful kicks and evasive movements has earned him great respect from fans and fellow competitors.

Carlo Molfetta (Italy)

Carlo Molfetta of Italy is a highly regarded athlete in Taekwondo, known for his exceptional technique and skill. He rose to prominence in 2012 when he won gold at the Olympic Games in London. Carlo became one of only a handful of Italian athletes to achieve such success.

Molfetta’s path to success was not an easy one. He faced many challenges along the way, including injuries and tough competition. His dedication and perseverance ultimately paid off as he cemented his place among the most accomplished fighters in Taekwondo history.

Moon Dae-Sung (South Korea)

Moon Dae-sung from South Korea is one of the greatest Taekwondo players ever.

He won Olympic gold in the heavyweight division at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He became the second male South Korean athlete to win a gold medal in that category. The first was his coach and mentor, Jung Jae-Eun. Moon also won silver medals in both the World Championships and Asian Games.

His precision and power in executing techniques like spinning and jumping back kicks sets him apart from other Taekwondo athletes. His unique style was dubbed “The Moon Style” by fans and commentators. This further cemented his place among Taekwondo legends.

Cha Dong-min (South Korea)

Cha Dong-min is a highly respected Taekwondo competitor from South Korea with an impressive sports career. He won his first world championship title in 2011. Since then, he has established himself as one of the most dominant fighters in his weight class.

One of Cha’s key strengths is his technical skill and precision. He is known for executing complex techniques quickly and accurately.

Furthermore, he possesses great mental toughness and resilience, enabling him to perform well under pressure.

Sebastian Eduardo Crismanich (Argentina)

Sebastian Eduardo Crismanich is an exceptional Argentina Taekwondo player who succeeded greatly in his career. He competed in the under-80kg category and won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics held in London, UK. This remarkable win made him the first Argentine Taekwondo athlete to win Olympic gold.

Crismanich’s victory at the 2012 Olympics was attributed to his excellent focus and technique during matches. His dedication and training paid off when he defeated Nicolas Garcia Hemme of Spain and Terrence Jennings of the USA and won gold.

Key Qualities That Define These Athletes

These athletes possess technical skills and innovation, mental toughness, and dedication. Olympic and world championship success, dominance in their weight class, and consistency make them stand out.

Learn more about how these qualities make them the greatest Taekwondo players.

Technical Skill And Innovation

One key quality defining the greatest Taekwondo players of all time is their technical skill and innovation. These athletes have mastered the art’s techniques, including kicks, blocks, punches, and strikes. It helps them to execute flawless maneuvers during competitions.

For example, Hadi Saei was known for his innovative “hook kick.” He would turn his back on his opponent and land a devastating kick with his heel. Steven Lopez’s lightning-fast roundhouse kicks earned him countless victories throughout his career.

The best players constantly refine their technique and find new ways to outmaneuver their opponents in the ring.

Mental Toughness And Dedication

Mental toughness and dedication are crucial qualities that define the greatest Taekwondo players of all time. Maintaining focus, perseverance, and resilience sets these athletes apart from their competitors. They possess a strong work ethic and can endure training routines that would break most people.

One notable example is Hwang Kyung-Seon of South Korea. She achieved great success in taekwondo through her determination and unwavering dedication to the sport. Throughout her career, she faced several challenges but remained committed to improving her skills continuously.

Steven Lopez’s mental toughness is also evident in the numerous championships won throughout his career spanning over two decades.

Olympic And World Championship Success

One key quality defining the greatest Taekwondo players is their Olympic and World Championship success. These prestigious events are where the best of the best compete against each other on a global stage. They showcase their technical skill, mental toughness, and dedication to their craft.

Hwang Kyung-Seon from South Korea has won multiple gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships. Steven Lopez from the United States is another notable example, having achieved significant success at these events.

He is tied with Hwang as one of only three athletes to have won more than two Olympic gold medals in Taekwondo.

Dominance In Their Weight Class

The best Taekwondo players of all time have shown dominance in their respective weight classes. This often earned them multiple championship titles. It requires exceptional technique, skills, and a strategic approach to training and competition.

Hwang Kyung-Seon of South Korea won two Olympic gold medals, four World Championship titles, and ten Grand Prix Final championships in the 67kg division.

Similarly, Steven Lopez from the United States dominated in the 80kg category. He has multiple Olympic medals and World Cup victories.

Consistency Over Time

Consistency over time is an essential quality that sets the greatest Taekwondo players apart. Maintaining a high performance level over several years is not easy. It separates elite practitioners from those who are just good at the sport.

Steven Lopez has competed in Taekwondo since he was a teenager and consistently ranked among the world’s best athletes.

One factor that contributes to consistency is a rigorous training regimen that incorporates proper nutrition and recovery techniques. Top-tier athletes like Servet Tazegul prioritize physical fitness by maintaining strict diets and constant conditioning.

Additionally, injury prevention is paramount when striving for long-term success in Taekwondo. One major setback can derail years of hard work.

Notable Achievements of Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions include athletes like Mohammad Ali Khosravi and Jade Jones. They have significantly contributed to Taekwondo and achieved notable feats in their careers.

Mohammad Ali Khosravi

Mohammad Ali Khosravi may not be as popular as other Taekwondo legends, but his sports accomplishments cannot be ignored. This Iranian athlete has won medals at numerous World Championships and Asian Games, including multiple gold medals.

He also participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where he made it to the quarterfinals. Khosravi’s fast kicks and agility on the mat have helped him succeed against tough opponents.

Jade Jones

Jade Jones is a highly accomplished British Taekwondo athlete, making her mark in the sport with numerous accolades. Born in March 1993, she has won two Olympic gold medals and a bronze medal. She is one of the most successful British athletes in taekwondo.

Jones started training at eight, and after just 5 years, she began competing professionally.

Queen Elizabeth II awarded Jones an MBE for services to taekwondo in 2013. She was selected as Team GB’s flagbearer during the Rio Games closing ceremony.

It was due to her remarkable performance in winning back-to-back Olympic Golds four years apart.

Aaron Cook

Aaron Cook is a notable honorable mention as one of the top Taekwondo players in the world. Hailing from Great Britain, Cook has achieved numerous titles and accolades throughout his career. It includes being ranked number one by the World Taekwondo Federation for multiple years.

He has competed in multiple Olympic Games and World Championships, earning medals and representing his country with pride.

One noteworthy achievement was when Cook won gold at the European Taekwondo Championships 2010. He competed against opponents who were significantly larger than him.

Tae-Hyun Moon

Tae-Hyun Moon is a highly accomplished Taekwondo athlete from South Korea who has significantly impacted the sport. His exceptional skills and remarkable performances helped him win multiple championships.

Moon’s most notable achievement was winning the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the men’s under-80kg category. He demonstrated tremendous mastery of technique and mental toughness.

Moon has also won major competitions like the World Taekwondo Championships and Asian Games.

Armin Hadipour Seighalani

Armin Hadipour Seighalani is an accomplished Taekwondo athlete from Iran. He has won several medals throughout his career. It included a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and a bronze medal at the World Taekwondo Championships in Manchester.

Armin is known for his explosive kicks and impressive technical skills, making him one of the most feared fighters.

His dedication to training and unwavering mental toughness have contributed significantly to his success as a fighter.


1. Who Are Some Of The Greatest Taekwondo Players Of All Time?

Some of the greatest taekwondo players of all time include Hadi Saei, Steven Lopez, Chu Mu-yen, and Jade Jones.

2. What Sets These Taekwondo Players Apart From Others?

These top taekwondo players have consistently demonstrated exceptional skill, agility, and mental toughness in competitions at both national and international levels.

3. Are There Any Specific Techniques Or Strategies That Contributed To Their Success?

Different athletes may have different approaches to training and competition tactics depending on individual strengths. Generally speaking – successful Taekwondo competitors must focus on developing strong kick techniques.

Front kick (an ap chagi), sidekick (a yeop chagi), or spinning back kick (a dollyo chagi) are some. Mental preparedness is key to overcoming obstacles & maintaining composure under pressure situations.

4. Can I Learn From These Greats As A Beginner In Taekwondo?

Yes! Studying the performances of these greats through watching recorded matches or attending live events with well-known coaches/athletes present can help. It benefits practicing traditional forms like poomsaes.

They are often used to develop timing control movements required for effective strikes while sparring against other practitioners during class sessions.

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Celebrating The Best of Taekwondo and Its Legacy

The sport of Taekwondo has produced some of the most exceptional athletes in combat sports history. From Steven Lopez to Hwang Kyung-Seon, these elite practitioners have demonstrated unparalleled skill, dedication, and mental toughness.

Their accomplishments haven’t gone unnoticed either, as they remain celebrated legends long after their achievements. We celebrate these top-rated champions’ contributions to Taekwondo and hold them in high regard as respected contenders.

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