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A Lesson in School MMA: Punch your female teacher, get KO’d by the honor roll student

In theory this should be an easy lesson but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to master. Everyone knows that sometimes Street MMA cannot wait to be held in the streets, so sometimes the battle arena is moved to wherever is applicable. Bathrooms, parks, parking lots, boats and McDonald’s drive-thrus have all hosted Street MMA main events in the past year.

From the streets to the classroom here is a lesson in School MMA and a reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. Or maybe its a reminder to not be a raging asshole who punches your teacher when she is trying to call for a restart and or break-up the fight. In School MMA if a teacher gets inadvertently punched one point shall be deducted and a random student will get to punch directly in your face when you’re not looking.

Seems fair. Sorry about your luck dude in the red hoodie, you’ve just been one punched KO’d and you’re going to have repeat this class next semester.