Larissa Pacheco Snaps Kayla Harrison’s Undefeated Run To Win $1m Prize & Title – PFL World Championship 2022 Results (Highlights)

Harrison's dominant unbeaten run as a professional mixed martial artist came to an end in an epic war against Pacheco

Larissa Pacheco
Credit: PFL (via Twitter)

Undefeated women’s mixed martial artist Kayla Harrison took on longtime rival Larissa Pacheco for the third time at the 2022 PFL Championship.

2022 PFL World Championship: Kayla Harrison vs. Larissa Pacheco

Round 1

Harrison on the outside showing good movement early. She feints the takedown with a level change. Pacheco hits Harrison’s guard with a right. Harrison with a kick to the body. She shoots for a takedown and trips her down. She defends the armor attempt and gets in the full guard of Pacheco. Harrison raining down bombs from the top position. Brutal ground and pound from Harrison. She is trying to get side control and gets out of the guard temporarily. Big right hand from Kayla on top. Pacheco tries the hammer fists but gets matched out by Harrison. Another huge right hand from Harrison. She is connecting at will from the top on Pacheco. Another submission attempt blocked by Harrison. Kayla gets up while Pacheco kicks at her legs from the ground. Harrison goes in with a big left hand and another. Harrison gets her back while she tries to get up and gets her pinned against the cage.

Round 2

Kayla opens with an outside leg kick. Pacheco with a strong leg kick that gets Harrison down. Big left hand from Harrison. She eats one from Pacheco. Harrison pressures for a takedown and pins her off the fence. Pacheco doing well to defend and gets her neck. Harrison rolls to avoid the danger of the guillotine. Pacheco gets side control with Harrison’s arm isolated for a d’arce choke. Harrison manages to get the fight back to her feet and grapples with Pacheco against the cage. Harrison trying to trip her down. Pacheco gets out and fires a combination. Inside leg kick from Pacheco. Outside leg kick by Harrison. Pacheco lands a huge right hand and another one. Pacheco has Harrison hurt. She lands another right hand. Harrison in trouble here. Beautiful grappling exchange here as Pacheco rolls Harrison over her. Pacheco spins out of an armbar to end the round.

Round 3

Harrison opens aggressively and goes for a single leg. Pacheco lands some hammer fists. Harrison does not let go and gets her down. Pacheco keeps punching Harrison from the bottom and Harrison is not willing to concede on position. She gets in full guard on top of Pacheco. Pacheco hits some massive hammer fists. She has a tight submission in with her legs on Harrison. She needs to get Harrison’s arm across to get the full pressure in but could still squeeze with her legs. The triangle choke is getting tighter here. Harrison needs to figure something out quick. Pacheco transitions to the armor and Harrison goes to the side, escaping the danger. She’s back on top in half guard with an under hook. Full mount now for Kayla. She might be going for an arm triangle here, working towards her wrist and arm. She’s raining down shots from the top. Heavy ground and pound from Harrison.

Round 4

Harrison gets a nice left hand in. Pacheco gets two punches of her own. Kayla eats a right on a kick attempt. Harrison goes for the double leg and gets it. Pacheco tries to get the front choke on Harrison. Pacheco gets up and Harrison right back for a takedown. Pacheco has her stuck under her for now. Pacheco takes her back and tries to set up a rear-naked choke. Harrison spins out and gets on top. Pacheco gets up to her feet and Harrison grabs her neck again to grapple. Nice work by Harrison to get Pacheco’s back. Pacheco gets back to her feet with Harrison behind her. Now Pacheco gets on top and takes side control. She is going for an arm triangle. Kayla gets out as Pacheco keeps hitting with big shots. Harrison shoots for a double leg.

Round 5

Harrison and Pacheco get in the middle and keep their distance. Harrison goes to grapple and gets pinned off the fence. She reverses and gets Pacheco to the mat temporarily. Harrison goes for the single leg and doesn’t let it go. Pacheco lands some heavy strikes but Harrison won’t let it go. Hammer fists from Pacheco finally get Harrison to let go of the single leg. Pacheco is on the back of Harrison and does not capitalize well. Harrison gets back on top. They exchange strikes on the ground with Pacheco on the bottom. Harrison stands up and Pacheco keeps her away too avoid some heavy shots. Harrison ends the bout on top position.

Official Result: Larissa Pacheco defeats Kayla Harrison via unanimous decision (48-47 x3).

Check out the highlights below:

Published on November 26, 2022 at 12:17 am
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