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You’re all on steroids. Here are the Top Ten UFC USADA Violations So Far

You’re all on steroids. Here are the Top Ten UFC USADA Violations So Far

Maybe the Diaz brothers were ahead of their time. Everyone is on steroids. Nope, the Diaz brothers always operate in a timeline ahead of MMA’s own. When the UFC partnered with the United States Anti Doping Agency, the promotion was applauded for righting the PED wrongs of their past.

Now over year in the USADA drug testing program everyone hates the UFC for this decision. Thanks for ruining so many good fights USADA. MMA fans are feeling like baseball fans who miss the 1990s and all those pretty home runs. The sport of MMA is already very dangerous enough so maybe if fighters need some extra Flintstone vitamins in between hurting each other its not the worse thing in the world.

USADA doesn’t like petting puppies, lighting fireworks or eating ice cream on a hot summer’s day. USADA stop being a sport killer. Thanks to the Montage King lets watch the top ten USADA violations in the UFC……so far.

10. USADA Means business
9. Go Diego Go
8. A Full Camp of USADA fails
7. Busting Gay Jesus for turning water to wine
6. Left leg suspended, right leg early retirement
5. Resting Mir face
4. That USADA era though
3. ???????
2. !!!!!!!!
1. LOL

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