Will this Rock’em Sock’em Robots match predict the future of Cain Velasquez vs Fabricio Werdum?

When robots rise up and try to eliminate the human race “fleshies”, the machines’ nickname for us, will need great warriors to turn the tide in the war. With microwaves and dishwashers able to think for themselves, former foes UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and number one contender Fabricio Werdum will set aside their differences and team-up for the common good of humanity. Before we welcome our robot overlords UFC 180 must first go down in Mexico City on Saturday November 15th.
With Rock’em Sock’em Robots as their weapon choice, Velasquez and Werdum are straight button mashers. What they lack in corner advice the UFC heavyweights make up for in the sheer number of highlight reel knockouts they produce. Blue Bomber, coached by Werdum, and Red Rocker, coached by Velasquez, throw the skills they learned in their eight to ten week training camps right out the window and just stand toe-to-toe in the pocket until their heads nearly fly off.
Brutal robot on robot violence perhaps gives a clue into how champ and challenger will approach their five round heavyweight title tilt in November. Velasquez and Werdum’s boxing games appear to be sharp. Stand-up fireworks are nearly guaranteed once the cage door shuts. The robots are watching, always watching, and nothing less than five knockouts in the first 25 seconds at UFC 180 will please their hunger for heavyweight fisticuffs.
Our amigos at Deportes Telemundo moderate the definitive robot debate of 2014
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