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Weird, Illegal 5 vs. 5 MMA Fights Coming to US PPV

Weird, Illegal 5 vs. 5 MMA Fights Coming to US PPV

Tag team MMA isn’t a new thing. It’s something that has existed on the fringes of the MMA world for a long time. In fact, ZST represent, alright? It was weird enough when Hip Show came to US television this year featuring tag team MMA and the other wacky stuff that goes down on Hip Show cards. Five men squaring off against five men, though? That’s something entirely new and weird and it’ll be coming to PPV here in the United States starting January 23rd.

Of course an event like this is highly illegal in the United States and would never be sanctioned by even the most careless of governing bodies, but hey, it can still air here, right? According to MMAFighting, it’ll be airing on In Demand on January 23rd, starting with Team Fighting Championship 2 and then Team Fighting Championship 3 will air shortly after. There’s not much to say about this other than WHAT THE HELL. There are rules, but honestly, when you have this many dudes in the ring that are trained MMA fighters it will undoubtedly get messy.

If you just cannot wait to check this out then GFL has you covered, though.

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