We talked with ‘The Predator’ Desmond Green about retiring Miguel Torres and his move to Tristar

Recently I was sitting at my computer trying to beat the world record time for completing Mario Brothers 1 when I got an email from Titan FC asking if I’d be interested in talking with their latest killer, Desmond “The Predator” Green. I responded “YES” as quick as my arthritic fingers would let me. We traded some emails and settled on a Skype date at a time when Mr. Green had some down time which happened to be 2:30pm.

I waited anxiously for the call, and when 2:31 hit I got up like a moron to get a get a glass of water and came back to see 1 missed Skype date on my laptop screen. “I’m such an asshole,” I thought to myself, but called Mr. Green back anyway hoping he’d answer. The video chat was accepted and I was welcomed by a warm smile and a sincere message that my absolute need for a glass of water was excusable. I apologized profusely to the new Tristar Gym athlete who said of his upcoming fight “I’m not stepping out of that cage unless I win.”

Congratulations on your most recent win. How does it feel to retire Miguel Torres?

Is he really retiring now? It’s kind of bittersweet. I wish I would have been able to fight him a little earlier; that would have been great. That way I could have got a little more respect. But, I think he still had some fight in him. I think it was a good fight. It feels great to knock him out.

Tell us about your recent move to Tristar.

I moved to Montreal about two months ago; after I got released from Bellator. It was a blessing in disguise. I got hooked up with Titan Fighting Championship, Jeff Aronson reached out to me, he was real genuine. He said he wanted to keep me active, help my career out, which he did. He hooked me up with Alchemist [Management], who got me out here at Tristar. I’ve been training out here since my last fight. It’ll most likely be a permanent move for training.

What’s the environment like at Tristar as a new guy?

It reminds me a lot of my college wrestling days. I stay in the dorm, they have dorms up here for us fighters. I stay with the fighters. So everybody’s got the same agenda. We all got the same goal. It’s real family-oriented.

You’re taking on Steven Siler on December 19th for the Featherweight title. Siler’s on a bit of a losing streak, what sort of training are you doing to make sure that losing streak continues?

Honestly, I’m not doing anything different. I’m just doing my regular training schedule—my three workouts, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, two on Tuesday and Thursday, and one on Saturday. I been taking Firas Zahabi’s classes every day, and then just doing my strength and conditioning. I’m going to ensure I get that W by just outworking him [Siler]. I feel like I could out-beat him in every situation we’re in.

What does Desmond Green do to relax?

(laughs) I like to watch TV.

Who are some of your MMA heroes?

My number one hero was always Georges St. Pierre; that’s why it’s such an honor to train here, and with him; it’s surreal. Growing up, since 2006, I’ve been watching Georges St. Pierre. My second, is Anderson Silva. I love the way they fight. But you know who I really love to watch fight, is Jim Miller. He’s a ‘go-er.’ He’s a hardnosed, tough-ass guy. I love Frankie Edgar, I love watching him; cause he’s a ‘go-er.’ Even though one day I’m probably going to have to give him a little whoopin’.

What’s something about you that will surprise us?

Definitely once they start to talk to me; they see how down to earth I am, how genuine and smart I am. I kinda got that ‘Thuggish-look,’ I got the tattoos on my neck, the dreads and whatnot. But I’m real chill! I like to have fun, make jokes and laugh.

Recently Daniel Straus had to cut his dreads to make weight, would you ever do such a thing?

No! I run so hard knowing in the back of my head I gotta make weight so I don’t have to cut my hair. I’m stingy. I don’t want to give up my money, either though (laughs). So I’m going to make weight.

Before signing with Bellator, you used to part-time at Wal-Mart, do you have any funny stories from that?

Uh, naw. It’s just cool being a fighter and working. All of my bosses used to let me roll in like ten minutes late. It’s not that they were scared of me, but, it’s like when everyone knows you’re a fighter, they think you got a short temper; but not me. If they yelled at me for being late, I’d just say ‘Oh, shit. Sorry, guys,’ and it wasn’t a thing.

What’s on your ideal pizza?

Aw, man, okay! Number one, bacon. Lots of bacon. Pepperoni. And more bacon.

If you could be sponsored by anybody, if for nothing else but the free products, who would it be?

Probably, YMCMB. It’s Birdman and Lil’ Wayne’s music crew. They got a nice clothing line, (laughs) I love clothes.

If you could start in any comic book movie as the superhero, who would it be?

Superman—he’s the best! He’s “Superman!,” he’s the guy.

How close do you feel to your old wrestling roots? Do you feel like your game’s evolving, or is wrestling still your predominate weapon?

I’ll always be close to my wrestling roots. That’s my bread and butter. In all of my fights, so far, I haven’t had to utilize my wrestling like that. But I always keep it on the back burner, cause I know once I pull my wrestling out it’s a guaranteed win. I can go out there and wrestle anybody and hold them down. So that’s always going to stay close to my heart.

Who or What inspires your fighting style?

A little bit of Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. I like the way Georges is technical, and grinds. He mixes his wrestling with his striking. And then I like the way Silva just flows. Whatever he gets, he’ll take.

Who’s your favorite video game character of all-time?

I would have to go with Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!

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