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Watch: The lowlights of Mighty Mouse getting pissed, dying and losing badly while playing video games

Even the most talented fighter on Planet Earth gets pissed while playing video games. We’ve all been there Mighty Mouse. If you poke Demetrious Johnson, does he not feel? If someone kills Mighty Mouse Johnson’s character thanks to some cheap ass tactics, does he not rage quit?

Not only is Johnson likely the pound for pound best fighter MMA, he is also really good at video games. Shooting games, RPGs, and fighting games are all in Mouse’s wheelhouse. The fact that Johnson is so good at games kind of makes this highlight video of him repeatedly dying on his Twitch stream that much more funny.

Watch this video of Mighty Mouse getting pissed at video games then feel bad for TUF winner Tim Elliot because the flyweight champion is likely going to take out any virtual frustration out on him this Saturday at The Ultimate Fighter: Tournament of Champions Finale.

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