Watch with one eye open. A highlight of some of the biggest MMA ref screw-ups in history

Not only does MMA have some of the worst judges in all of sports they also employee a couple of almost legally blind referees. How do you make one of the most dangerous sports in the world even more dangerous? You hire these officials to watch over the action in the cage.

At least the UFC holds shows with state athletic commissions that mostly employ the upper echelon of MMA officials. But on the out skirts of regional MMA you get some great feats of sucktitude pulled off by the referees inside the cage.

Punches to the back head? Go right ahead. Holding that choke for a little longer than needed? Hold on, the referee will get there when he gets there. A fighter passes out on the stool between rounds, does a face plant to the mat, and is dragged back onto his stool by his corner? Sure, just keep on fighting for another two rounds or so!

Bad refs are bad refs. Thanks to The Montage King here are some of the biggest blunders by MMA refs in history.

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