MMA Rundown

Watch: McGregor, Diaz, White and Helwani star in an amazing new UFC bar fight cartoon

The push for Fight Pass having a Saturday morning cartoon block of animated shows is closer than you think. Whatever time you wake up at or your breakfast food of choice, there is one thing we can all agree on; watching our favorite MMA personalities in cartoon forms makes all breakfast meals taste a little sweeter. A Cartoon UFC show would have to pull bigger numbers on Fight Pass than whatever Dana White’s newest reality show project is called.

Dana White stars in “Halfheartedly looking for a regional fight but I really just want hangout with my bros and eat exotic cuisines while you film it” is a really long title.

Instead of watching whatever that is on Fight Pass, thanks to our friends at Fight Studios you can watch Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Dana White and Ariel Helwani star in their latest MMA cartoon called ” Conor McGregor & Rocky Balboa bar fight with Nate Diaz – feat. Dana White!”

We truly could listen to Rocky and Conor drunk-banter in a bar for hours.

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