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Video: Watch the Bloodbath That Was Dustin Poirier Against Anthony Pettis

Dustin Poirier’s win over Anthony Pettis was a fight that would make the Just Bleed fan cry.

Before Pettis tapped to strikes in the third round, both Pettis and Poirier poured blood all over each other.

Through multiple grappling reversals, both fighters ended up covering the canvas red. But Anthony Pettis clearly seemed to be taking the worst of it.

“Diamond” Dustin Poirer was very impressive taking control of most of the fight, making it a grueling affair.  Pettis looked a step behind in not just the grappling exchanges but also the stand up. A confident Poirier was superb on the mic afterward as well, calling for the Alvarez/Gaethje winner and $50,000.

Love live, “The Blood Diamond”.

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