MMA Rundown

Video: Nick Diaz just uploaded Strikeforce, Alex Jones, Hawaii and more vids on his YouTube page

On the day, reports surfaced that Georges St. Pierre to be back with the UFC, nomad Nick Diaz had his own productive kind of day. Free to fight again after he settled with the Nevada Athletic Commission mini-boss, Diaz is still a man without a contracted fight. That’s right UFC 209 is over a month away and for some cosmic reason the UFC did not move heaven and Earth to get Nick Diaz fighting on the card.

209 what?

To bypass his time between rolling on the jiu-jitsu mats, running triathlons or making a celebrity appearance at a marijuana dispensary near you, Diaz is working on updating his YouTube channel. “YouTube Celebrity” Nick Diaz is an actual thing and though he rarely posts anything, for some reason yesterday he uploaded a ton of new content.

Check out some of the Best of Diaz-tube below

A Strikeforce pre-fight throwback

Coconut lady

Alex Jones and Diaz stuck in a never-ending looping conversation on high fructose corn syrup

The Maui worlds

A Diaz ocean swim