Video: In the Philippines a referee missed the sub, allowed slept fighter an extra 30 seconds of choking

We’re all adults and understand the dangers every time someone competes in a mixed martial arts fight. Despite years of watching, observing and studying MMA, there are still certain things that can make us cringe and turn the other way. With all that being said this referee from a fight over the weekend in the Philippines fucking sucks at his profession and should never oversee another combat sports fight in his lifetime.

Holy fuck, just watch this fight video with one eye open and the other eye taking you to your happy place.

Oh. My. God. What was everyone in the cage thinking? In fact, what were both fighter’s corners thinking? Hindsight is 20/20 but how did the referee in the cage, the fighter applying the choke hold, and both corners fail the poor dude getting choked into a deep sleep?

It’s great that mixed martial arts is “the fastest growing sport in The Universe” but not at the expense of fighter safety. After the video goes off it appears the guy who got choked an extra 30 or so seconds walked away from the fight. We’ll update further if we hear anything else about his health post-fight.

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