Video: Glory Kickboxer Hits the Cheapest Shot of All Time at Glory 43

Glory 43 cheap shot

Saulo Cavalari faced off against the extremely handsome Pavel Zhuravlev at Glory 43 in New York. At the start of the third round, “Cassius Clay” Cavalari pulled out the dirtiest move in combat sports.


Despite the shittiness of this move, you have to respect the accuracy of it. The only thing worse than doing this, would be going for it and fucking it up. Pavel Zhuravlev handles is with the correct amount of incredulousness. I feel like he was speaking for everyone in the crowd with his “What the fuck?”. Adding to Cavalari’s shame, he rushes Pavel immediately after and manages to only get cracked. Karma’s a bitch, though.

None of this would actually matter however. Zhuravlev power shots, twin ponytails, and dashing good looks got him the unanimous decision. Goes to show that scum bag shit doesn’t pay.

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