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Video: Gabi Garcia and Cris Cyborg have teamed up to help her weight train, cut and spar for her Rizin fight

As if Gabi Garcia wasn’t dominating people enough, the MMA world decided to have her team up with Cris Cyborg. Yes, Alpha Female/Destroyers of Worlds Gabi Garcia and Cris “Sent from the future to rule this world” Cyborg are now training together and it’s kind of awesome. This type of mega power team ups happen all the time in pro wrestling but are a rare thing in the sport of human cage fighting.

Garcia is set to take on 50 something ex-pro wrestler Shinobu Kandori at Rizin’s New Year’s Eve show. It looks like the best way to prepare one’s self for beating the brakes off of Shinobu Kandori is to lift a shit ton of weights with Cris Cyborg. Garcia also does some weight cutting with Cyborg and does some light sparring work.

Per the video below Gabi Garcia and Cris Cyborg appear to be becoming the best of friends and that can only mean very violent things for the rest of the world of women’s MMA.

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