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Video: Clay Guida Uppercuts Joe Lauzon Into the Ether and Makes a Peal to Get Paid

Video: Clay Guida Uppercuts Joe Lauzon Into the Ether and Makes a Peal to Get Paid

Clay “The Carpenter” Guida fought the last fight of his UFC contract at UFC Fight Night in Norfolk, Virginia.

He didn’t so much win the fight, as much as he annihilated Joe Lauzon. Catching Lauzon with a looping right hook and following up with an uppercut, this fight was all glorious one way traffic for “The Carpenter”.

Afterward, Clay Guida gently hugged Lauzon as Lauzon recovered from eating what was approximately 1,000 elbows. The casual attitude this referee had toward the damage poor Lauzon was takign is appalling. I’m comfortable calling for referee Kevin Sataki to never officiate again. How many undefended shots you need to see, man?

After the knockout, Clay Guida revealed that he wants to end his career with the UFC, but maybe needed some love from the fans to sign one last contract. From how it sounds, the UFC was probably fine with being rid of Guida, which is kind of sad. Clay Guida has always been an fan favorite and an amazing character. Not many fighter have burped in Greg Jackson’s face.

Watch Clay Guida hop on the microphone and get himself paid.

As bad as you feel for Joe Lauzon (who should probably consider hanging it up), you have to be happy for Clay Guida. I really hope “The Dude” gets a few more pay days from the UFC,and is finally able to buy into that grow operation in Humboldt County. #PayClay

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