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Video: Brazilian reporter trains with Jose Aldo, gets KO’d and choked out for journalism

You have to assume this random Brazilian TV reporter brought up the name of Conor McGregor to Jose Aldo before he filmed this segment. Or maybe the concept of going half speed with someone has not yet reached to Aldo and his Brazilian teammates. If you ever wanted to see a random MMA media member get utterly ravaged by an UFC champion then this next video is for you.

Let’s watch UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo not take it easy at all on this Globo TV reporter in the gym. This isn’t even the typical whacky local morning show host wrestling with an UFC fighter, this is Aldo grappling and sparring hard with an unsuspecting victim. At one point in the video the media member calls Aldo a psychopath and you know what maybe he’s right or maybe the champ is just done with all that MMA media bullshit.

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