UFC Halifax: Just Don’t Get Hit in the Bird, Ricky

So the UFC will be making its way up to Nova Scotia in Canada on October 4th for Rory MacDonald vs. Tarec Saffiedine and, well, Nova Scotia is kind of a weird place. How weird of a place? That’s where Trailer Park Boys is set in, so I’ll always imagine Nova Scotia as a place featuring trailer parks, hash and the winds of shit. Maybe that is unfair to Nova Scotia as a whole, but that is kind of the way it has to be, boys.

To compound this matter, there are apparently some really wonky rules in place for Nova Scotia’s commission and they don’t really regulate MMA like everywhere else does. Oh no, it’s all somehow considered “boxing.” Pretty much everything that Nova Scotia oversees is considered boxing and contains wonky rules, like the fighters and promoters having to sign a contract stating that a bout won’t end by a low blow and that the fighters are wearing sufficient protection against low blows.

So no hitting anyone in the bird, boys. Let’s now look at what we assume this UFC event will look like. You hear that, Bubs? It’s the sounds of the whispering winds of shit.

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