UFC 129 has sold 42,000 tickets in just a few hours!

Holy wow, the UFC just sold 42,000 tickets to UFC 129 in the first day of pre-sales! Now the Rogers Centre (pronounced cen-truh) is scrambling to add a few thousand folding chairs to the mix so they can shoehorn in a few more Canucks to UFC’s debut in the province. GSP and Jake Shields are headlining a card that sold 42,000 tickets in a few hours, I can’t get over that.

Forty two thousand?! 42k!? Juneau, Alaska only has 42,000 citizens and that place almost produced the vice president of the USA! Every year 42,0000 people die in a car crash…Very impressive statistics Dana, 42,000 people = a lot of people. This is what the UFC President texted to the Canadian Press after learning of the ginormous ticket sales:


Yes you do Dana, yes you do. Check out this video from CanadianProFighter of Dana explaining how awesome Canada is:


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