Tyron Woodley Tears Into ‘Little B–ch’ Leon Edwards!

Tyron Woodley
Photos via Instagram @twoodley @leon_edwardsmma

Tyron Woodley Slams Leon Edwards For Comments About Rap Skills

Tyron Woodley is finally expected to face Leon Edwards. However, “The Chosen One” says that may not happen, after some recent remarks from his rival.

Woodley and Edwards have been going back and forth for some time now. With Tyron being the former champ, and Leon a top contender, there is a natural rivalry. Finally, it appears the two will meet, but the signing of the bout was difficult.

Although there is not a ton of legit disdain between Woodley and Edwards, there was recently a spark of bitterness. Leon posted a message on social media, saying that after Tyron loses, he can at least continue his rap career. This was a bit tongue in cheek, as the general consensus is that T-Wood’s rap skills are…not ideal.

Tyron Woodley picked up on this sarcasm, and decided to respond. Replying to Edward’s comment, he tore into the Englishman. In addition to that, he threatened to not take the fight after all.

“Shut your b–ch ass up before I don’t sign to fight you bum a–. Nobody knows you, nobody cares, you a b–ch and ate a three-piece and that’s your biggest claim to fame! Quit clout chasing and trying to add to your 50k followers. You’re embarrassing! Stop trying to talk s–t you’re garbage at it just like your bum ass career. I’ve made more money in music than you’ve made in your entire career. Laugh at that you lil b–ch!”

Oof, that was quite the verbal onslaught from Tyron Woodley. He is expected to face Leon Edwards on March 21st, in London. That is, of course, so long as Leon does not keep making fun of Woodley’s barz.

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