Transgender fighter Fallon Fox received her first loss at the hands of Ashley Evans-Smith via TKO over the weekend

Fallon Fox was a ruthless, undefeated MMA fighter stuffed in the body of a 135 lb woman, shredded to the core with muscles. In the LGBT community they call that ‘No Trans Fat.’

Actually I don’t know what the perception of Fallon Fox is in the LGBT community. All of my lesbian friends say that she should compete with women. When I say ‘all of my lesbian friends,’ I just really have one — and I stood her up for a dinner appointment to meet Mike Tyson. It’s cool, I made it up by giving her flowers and a fruit-shaped ceramic bottle of wine. Lesbians love fruit-shaped ceramic bottles of wine.

This Fallon Fox issue is filled with labyrinthine-like complexity — perhaps it’s not, but we just like to use big words to make us sound smart. This past weekend at CFA 12, Fallon Fox fought a very game Ashley Evans-Smith and unfortunately grabbed her first loss via TKO — now check out this AXS TV highlight of the bout.

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