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Tony Ferguson & Anthony Pettis have been beefing for four years, neither sure why

Tony Ferguson & Anthony Pettis have been beefing for four years, neither sure why

We have this sneaking suspicious that Tony Ferguson & Anthony Pettis are going to steal the show at UFC 229. Or we have the suspicious that either Ferguson or Pettis could find themselves in the main event of UFC 229 come fight week. Just a hunch.

So apparently unknown to the rest of the MMA community, T-Ferg and Showtime have been beefing for years. At times we think Ferguson and Pettis didn’t even know this was going on. It is, it’s awesome and we’re here for all of it.

The leader of SnapJitsu, Ferguson isn’t living in his own world on social media, he has constructed a very detailed universe in which he occupies at all times. By far, Ferguson is one of the best follows on social media in all of MMA. We want to read the 500 page SnapJitsu handbook that Ferguson likely has composed across multiple journals.

As for Pettis, after moving down to featherweight, finding no success then moving back up to lightweight, his career was left for dead. 2-5 over his last seven fights, at 31-years-old it looked like the former UFC champion’s UFC career was ready to be put on ice. Then all Showtime did was choke out Michael Chiesa at UFC 226 and the MMA Gods smiled on him.

Now heading into the co-main event of UFC 229, Ferguson is not letting Pettis off the hook for a slight prior to UFC 181. Pettis gave his side of the story to Ariel Helwani this week.

And Ferguson’s response

In the world of SnapJitsu, the only way Pettis can apologize to Ferguson is to spill blood at UFC 229. Whatever the outcome, T-Ferg vs. Showtime is a beef we need to dive into more, preferably at medium rare temp.

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