Today’s lesson from M-1: Always bring a knight to an MMA fight.

It is common knowledge that you should never bring a knife to a gunfight. But it’s totally cool to bring a knight to an MMA fight. On August 15th, a Camelot-inspired M-1 debuted its first armored knight battle, complete with shields and metal swords.

You can watch the knights clanking towards the ring at 2:19:00 here.  A brunette brushes some hair from her face. Something stirs beneath her iron chastity belt. If you’re an enlightened fan of the modern-day NFL, you might worry about the head trauma one fellow is receiving when he is beaten in the head with a wooden shield.

Because nobody was killed the first time, the crazy Russians just did it again. Below are a couple gifs from today’s full-contact sword match. In Mother Russia, knight judo-throws you.

Thanks to Caposa for the replays!

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