Tito Ortiz Perfected the Art of Punching Someone in the Face Then the Balls Last Night

There is a lot to say about Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar from Bellator 131 last night, not a lot of it is complimentary, which is okay. The fight turned out exactly how everyone expected it to turn out, with it being a kind of sloppy kickboxing match that saw Ortiz go for a few takedowns and for nothing to really be settled in this blood feud of blood feuds.

One thing to note is that while Tito Ortiz might be considered an old dog in the MMA world, he can be taught new tricks. Last night he demonstrated one of the most intriguing techniques that we’ve seen in MMA in a very long time. It was a punch that connected flush on Bonnar’s chin, then traveled down the length of his body before it found a home at his cup, the Chin/Balls punch, you might say. Watch.

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It’s hard not to respect that level of technique shown there, because that is how you show a guy that you really dislike him, not just pro wrestling dislike him to sell the fight.

Thanks to @LazyinTheClinch.

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