MMA Rundown

Tim Sylvia argues with a fake Coach Edmund account, nobody wants to tell him the truth

Anytime Pat Miletich can coach up former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia in MMA, life or on social; we’re here for that. The life and times of Tim Sylvia is always a sight to behold.

From roughly 2003-2008 Sylvia was a two-time UFC heavyweight champion and he ruled over the division with a Iowa tinted Miletich Fighting Systems fist. Simpler times when the UFC held pay-per-views every couple of months and MMA fans were hyped to find DVDs of cage fights at Circuit City.

Fast forward to 2018 and Big Tim is arguing with a Coach Edmund account on Twitter. Bless this new and exciting MMA world.

Would pay so much money for video of Miletich giving director’s commentary of Big Tim’s everyday life.

Bonus: That time Tim Sylvia was on the reality show “Blind Date”…… mid-2000s syndicated programming FTW