There Was VIOLENCE at RFA 17 in South Dakota, Let’s Watch

RFA has been doing some good things on AXS TV of late. Part of what makes for regional MMA so damned exciting is that these fighters are hungry. They want to get to the big show, to make the big money, to get the big sponsors, so they fight like their careers depend on it (they do!). AXS TV kind of hit onto gold when they decided to start airing these regional MMA shows because it’s relatively inexpensive programming for them and just gives them a ton of content.

RFA 17 was the first show from South Dakota ever. If you’ve ever been to South Dakota you’ll probably understand why. There really isn’t much there. My now-wife once dragged me to South Dakota for her Grandmother’s 80th birthday party and it was an interesting experience. The Black Hills are steeped in strange, midwestern US history, which, if you know US history, you know that is good stuff and horrendous stuff. People in South Dakota don’t get much, they have to drive hours to bigger cities to find stuff like nicer stores or go to interesting concerts. Remember that next time you complain about where you live (unless it’s somehow more desolate, then you have my apologies).

So here are highlights from South Dakota’s first sanctioned MMA event, RFA 17. Dear god is there a ton of violence in this video.

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