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The top three ways to improve the stale UFC viewing experience for MMA fans

The top three ways to improve the stale UFC viewing experience for MMA fans

Every now and then a stylistic dream fight comes along (Miocic VS. Ngannou) or the UFC weave together a great story (Jones VS. Cormier) sometimes we’re even blessed with a great grudge match (Diaz VS. McGregor) but apart from these rare occasions we’re left with boring FS1 cards to fill the gaps.

After a while the UFC package start to become monotonous. Every fighter wears the same Reebok gear and every walkout looks the same; there’s no individuality. So how do we make the UFC viewing experience better for fans? Well here’s some suggestions, listen up WME-IMG.

1) Live Music

Back at UFC 189 Sinead O’Connor performed a live version of ‘Foggy Dew’ it was something unique that stood out. Why not have more live music performances at UFC events. The Super Bowl has halftime shows so why can’t the UFC embrace live music performances. I know it’s not financially viable for every UFC event but it would definitely make the PPV cards stand out.

2) Embrace Legends

Remember that time the UFC trotted out Matt Hughes? Why can’t the UFC play a video package and let legends walk out at the start of the main card? So for example if you’re headed to Canada let GSP walk out. If there’s a fight in New York why not let Matt Serra walkout.

3) Fighter Clothing

Make the Reebok gear more unique to fighters. If you’re a champion you should be able to custom design your own fight shorts to suit your personality. This makes the championship level of MMA seem different and it’s another benefit beside pay. The new shorts are nice yet they’re not a cosmic leap in innovation. Lets see what the fighters can create; Max Holloway already tried making a 2Pac shirt.

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