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The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill – Monday Morning Edition

The Sunday Morning Rumor Mill – Monday Morning Edition

Yesterday was such a lazy Sunday that the Sunday Morning Rumor Mill didn’t even arrive on time. According to Ice Cube, it was approaching a ‘good day,’ but for some reason it didn’t quite make it. Actually, some guy out there used statistics and past historical events to calculate the exact time of Ice Cube’s ‘Good Day,’ and it was January 20th 1992 — a clear day in which the Lakers beat the Supersonics, which also ran simultaneously with an airing of Yo! MTV Raps.

However you didn’t come for anything related to Ice Cube. If you did, then great. We’ve accomplished what we were expected to do. Now, if you came for rumors then stay a while for a new edition of the MiddleEasy Sunday Morning Rumor Mill.

.On Chris Weidman’s first day of his training camp for his rematch with Anderson Silva at UFC 168, he visited Renzo Gracie’s gym and started to spar with a mysterious opponent. Within seconds, the opponent had Weidman on his back and actually forced him to tap from a slick submission. Visibly angry from the session, Weidman quickly rose from the mat and walked away from the guy. His trainers also started to cause a ruckus and question who the guy was and why he was in the gym. Eventually the mystery guy grabbed his stuff and walked out. The mystery guy? None other than BJJ comedian Renato Laranja — they didn’t know who he was. There’s also video footage of the entire thing.

.Despite commentating ten Glory Kickboxing events, Stephan Quadros was forced out of his commentating position after the Spike TV broadcast took place. Apparently Spike TV wanted a former fighter to commentate, and replaced Quadros with Duke Roufus.

.Something has been brewing up in the Lee Murray bank heist case that may lead to him getting out of prison. Yeah, I know we’ve teased at this for a while, but it’s rumored that Lee is trying to get his hands on some documents that may enable him to get out of his Moroccan prison.

.UFC’s expansion into Asia may be short-lived after filming TUF China. According to a rumor emerging from UFC, interest in MMA in Asia seems to have been drastically exaggerated and the promotion’s trip to Singapore in a few weeks may be a ‘one off’ event.

.Bob Sapp is still in the pursuit of winning one final fight before he retires from MMA. Despite the performances we’ve seen in 2013, it appears that he’s trying to win. Wow.

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