The Saku Hoodie is Out.

I recently binged myself on Scramble products to celebrate getting my purple belt in Zhoo-Zhitsoo. That included a new Gi, a new belt and a new t-shirt. With that new t-shirt, I swore to myself I wouldn’t be spending any more money on Jiu-Jitsu related apparel before Christmas.

Today Scramble decided to mess with me, and have dropped their brand new Sakuraba hoodie, a hoodie I previously dubbed the greatest hoodie ever made – but I’ve found a loophole. Kazushi Sakuraba is a wrestler. This isn’t Jiu-Jitsu apparel. It’s IQ wrestler apparel. That’s how I’ll justify it to my other half anyways. I win, I CAN BLOODY BUY IT. Eff you Scramble!

Seriously though, just look at it. It has a full Saku facemask with it. I know I’ve written about this hoodie before, but this is so damn awesome I’ve decided to write about it again. He’s a fucking legend, and we didn’t have gear this good when he was at the top of his game. PLUS he just went to a draw with Renzo Gracie at Metamoris 5.

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