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The MMA world needs more hilarious short videos like this

The MMA world needs more hilarious short videos like this

I would like to see a horror movie that takes the premise of lobsters suddenly growing to the size of Mini Coopers and taking over the coasts of America. These giant car-sized lobsters would reproduce at an accelerated rate and eventually demolish the major metropolitan cities of the country, starting with Los Angeles. Giant lobsters roaming the streets of Hollywood in search of kelp, or human brains — whichever comes first. I’ll lead the anti-lobster rebellion in the West Coast, and I would feed my followers by capturing a lobster and throwing it in a huge pot of boiling water alongside a car-sized chunk of butter. Since their exoskeleton is highly dense due to the the transformation, I’ll devise a method to break open their claws by placing sicks of dynamite on them and running as far away as possible before it explodes. Of course when the dynamite does explode, the sky will rain down fresh slabs of buttered lobster meat to everyone in the vicinity. We’ll make a festival out of it.

Normally this scenario wouldn’t come to fruition since I’m a vegan, but in a giant-lobster apocalypse you have to just let some stuff slide.

There’s a video here, don’t leave just yet. It’s an MMA short by Kit Dale that was released a few day ago. The quality could have been better, but it’s the thought that counts. Check it out and props to Gonzo for the +100 news tip.

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