UFC welterweight Brandon Thatch explores the hotel from “The Shining”

If blood ever dripped from the Octagon cage doors most fighters would do a 180 during their walkout, run to their locker room, lock the door and hideout for the reminder of the UFC event. Lucky for us Brandon Thatch has no fear. Fighting out Denver, Colorado Thatch and Inside MMA take a trip to the Stanley Hotel during Halloween week.
Thatch and his tour guide Walt, if that’s his real name, walk the haunted hotel made famous by Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 Horror flick “The Shinning”. Based on the novel by Stephen King, “The Shinning” King penned the story of family man gone mad man after he and his wife stayed at the Stanley Hotel in 1974 in the infamous room 217.
Open since 1909 the Stanley Hotel has a rich history of the supernatural occurrences and ghost sightings. Already 2-0 in his UFC career, if Thatch can conquer the horrors that lie within the Stanley Hotel then a top 15 opponent in his next cage appearance should be no problem.
Thatch has earned his spot on the MMA only Ghostbuster movie reboot squad. In the direct to DVD release Thatch as the brains will star alongside Bobby Green as the fearless, Mark Hunt as the muscle, and Nick Diaz as the wildcard. The rough draft for the MMA Ghostbusters calls for Thatch, Green, Hunt and Diaz to rescue an abducted Dane White, save a haunted UFC event from being canceled and fight off 60 foot Xyience Energy drink can from wrecking downtown Las Vegas.
If there is somethin’ strange in the Zuffa neighborhood the Fertitta brothers would call the MMA Ghostbusters. Who you going to call? 
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