Sean Strickland Rips ‘CTE’ Luke Rockhold For Pedophile Comment: ‘Probably Has Severe Brain Damage’

Rockhold claims Strickland supports pedophiles, Strickland responds.

Strickland Rockhold
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Sean Strickland wouldn’t let Luke Rockhold get away with his latest trash talk.

Rockhold Says Strickland Supports Pedophiles

Just recently, the former UFC Middleweight Champion was very critical of Strickland. Rockhold would call his rival a ‘horrible human being’ who supports pedophiles. 

“[Strickland] is out there supporting pedophiles,” Rockhold said on The DC Check-In. “Piece of crap. The guy needs to be written off.”

Strickland Fires Back At Rockhold

Strickland has been very vocal when it comes to calling out people who he thinks are pedophiles. No support whatsoever (at least that we know of). It wouldn’t take long for Strickland to take notice of Rockhold’s insults towards him. 

“How much brain damage has this man taken?” Strickland said of Rockhold on his story. 

“So whenever Luke Rockhold first started running his mouth about me, it made me upset because a lot of what he was saying was untrue. We trained, I almost knocked him out, there were witnesses. And this whole supporting pedophiles thing… he’s almost like detached from reality.”

Strickland Says Rockhold Is Suffering From Brain Damage

Strickland would continue. 

“Then I’m starting to realize the guy is 40 years old and he’s been knocked out how many times? I mean, viciously knocked out. Probably has severe brain damage, maybe some CTE. I don’t know man, maybe it’s time to hang up the gloves for good.”

Rockhold won’t retire just yet as he makes his return against Paulo Costa at UFC 278 in August. Strickland makes the walk just a month before his rival at UFC 276.

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