Stephen Wonderboy Thompson pulled off some first-round brutality at UFC 170

According to Marvel Lore, Wonder Man is actually Simon Williams, the son of billionaire tycoon owner of Williams Innovations, Sanford Williams. After his father dies, Simon inherits the company and makes some unwise business decisions which ultimately leads to Stark Industries taking over much of the tech business. In order to cash out as soon as possible, Simon embezzles money from his own business and is eventually caught and thrown in prison. Simon agrees to have Baron Heinrich Zemo get him out of prison only if he vows to go undercover and infiltrate the Avengers. He accepts, and Simon Williams is turned into an ion-powered being with superhuman powers.

In other words, Simon Williams got into whatever TRT stash Vitor Belfort has in his laboratory.

While Wonder Man began as a villain and eventually turned to a hero, Stephen Wonderboy Thompson has always been somewhat of a hero, at least in the eyes of UFC fans. Tonight at UFC 170, he delivered a first-round beating to Robert Whittaker, and we even have a .gif of it compliments of ZProphet.

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