So you’re telling me Anthony Pettis submitted Ben Henderson when he was only a blue belt?

Anthony Pettis submitted Ben Henderson in the first round at UFC 164 while he was only a blue belt means one of two things: 1.) Pettis’ coach is just an extreme hard ass and throughout his years of training Pettis, his ground game just wasn’t good enough or 2.) The entire Brazilian jiu-jitsu system uses belt progression as a means to extract the maximum amount of cash out of their students and in reality all belts are purely subjective. I’m sort of leaning towards the second reason — but I still love all those guys at 10th Planet in Hollywood.

It’s pretty ironic that Ben Henderson was just awarded his black belt, came out to UFC 164 rocking a gi — and he was submitted by a guy that has the same belt as myself. My god this BJJ nonsense. It’s just another way to take your money, folks. Seriously.

Check out what @guicruzzz regarding a conversation he had with Anthony Pettis’ coach.

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<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet”><p>Anthony Pettis’ coach just told me he’ll promote the UFC champ to purple belt in jiu-jitsu next week. Yes, a blue belt submitted Henderson.</p>&mdash; Guilherme Cruz (@guicruzzz) <a href=”″>September 3, 2013</a></blockquote>
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