So here’s what Diego Sanchez has been up to…

Diego Sanchez really wants all of us to know that he is a Frate Trane. He calls himself one in this video twice. While there’s no specific rules or qualities that guarantee you ‘Frate Trane’ status, there probably should be. Frate Trane isn’t something anyone can just be. I think Diego qualifies based on his pre-fight walkout mean mug, looking as though it has the power to spontaneously cause the entire octagon to shatter into a million pieces via psychokinesis. He’s probably one of the very few dudes on this planet that rocks skinny jeans and can use his fist to violently knock all of the teeth from your mouth.

Diego is getting ready to fight someone else who has a mean mug that might help qualify him for Frate Trane status too. Paulo Thiago walks around looking like Sam the Eagle and although we all know Animal is the Frate Trane of all Muppets, Sam the Eagle’s constant mug of meanness puts him at a close second. Check out Diego talking about why he is a Frate Trane and all the things he has been doing while getting ready for his next fight with Paulo Thiago at UFC 121 in October. [Source]

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